Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A whole lot of stupidity in the world

Ok, I'm going to do a few short examples on stupid people.

First, a friend of mine, we will call Terrell, was telling me about this new chick he mess with now. Saying how she was model level cute, nice body, and had a great personality. I met her and she was pretty cool so I had no reason to not like her. A few weeks after they made things official he told me that she told him that she has cheated on EVERY boyfriend she's ever had. For some reason he decided to mess with her anyway saying, "I know things will be different this time". Guess how that ended.

Second, on the other end of the spectrum, I have a female friend that likes to mess with "thugs". Now, to me, there's a lot that goes with being a thug. You have to have a certain mindset, act a certain way, and be willing to do certain things. A guy can be "thorough"(wonder if I spelled that right) and not be a thug, some people need to realize this. Anyway, my friend, we will call Christina, always finds herself with a thug and that's usually the first thing she tells me when she's in a new relationship. So she calls me up the other day and says, "I got a new man, and he's a thug". I asked if he was a thug like the nigga that threw her up against the wall, the one that went off and fucked up her house, or the one that fucked her bestfriend. She told me how he was different from other thugs. He slang on the corner and has been known to cheat but things would now be different. Well, at least he only cheated on her with girls she didn't know...........oh and borrowed her car, had an ounce on him, and got pulled over thus getting her car towed which she had to pay for.

Finally, I know another guy that never has protected sex. Let's call him Marcus. He is always talking about how sex is to good raw to be using condoms. I will co-sign that raw sex is the shit, but you can't just do it with everone you meet, especially not in Baltimore. To make things worse, he's not having unprotected sex with people that are known to be "less sexually attactive", he doing it with broads that the whole block done ran up in. He's always telling us when he gets burned but "it's curable so no big deal". Last I heard he hasn't contracted H.I.V. but I hear Herpes is a mothafucka tho. At least he learned to use condoms, to bad he had to catch something that can't be cured first.

Ok, so maybe I just know some stupid ass people (duh, I'm from Baltimore) but I didn't think people could be this dumb. I probably should have titled this "Stupid ass people" but I try to be nice sometimes ;)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beyonce strikes again

The following is a rant by city and does not represent google blogger in any way. It contains strong language, parental discretion is advised

A DIVA IS NOT THE FEMALE VERSION OF A HUSTLER. That broad getting on my damn nerves. A hustler is a person, male or female, that is all about getting money. A person that plots many schemes, most illegal, in order to get that money. A diva is a female celebrity. The word usually has a negative connotation associated with it of the woman being arrogant, hard to work with, and high maintenance. They are not the same damn thing. And why is it a stick up? I can tolerate Beyonce for the most part and "Dangerously in Love" is my favorite song she ever sang (don't ask) but I'll be damned if she ain't fucking up the female youth of America and some hoodrats. How do you fuck up the mind of a hoodrat??? Them bitches is already on some other shit.

I saw a guy try to holla at a chick and get shut down badly because she was a "diva". All I know is, if a nicca can holla at you on the bus stop, yo ass ain't a diva. If you wearing some 20 dollar or less baby phat clothing (I just lost some fans didn't I?) then yo ass ain't a diva. If there are three or more colors between the tips of ya hair and the roots, if you work in the fast food industry, and if it Beyonce to make you THINK you a diva then yo ass ain't no damn diva.

Hustlers around the world need to get together and beat this chick with rolled up socks. Isn't Jay-z supposed to be a former hustler? Couldn't he have put her on to a dictionary or some better song writers? I know Solange ain't write that one. Again I ask, why is it a stick up? Those of you Beyonce jock riders, from now on please just listen to the song without trying to apply it to your life. If you want to do that booty bounce by all means do, but leave it at that.

Side note to the fellas, your ass cannot in any way pull Beyonce. This is a lil off topic but dammit you need to be addressed also. Tired of hearing "I wish I could meet her". Why nigga, what you gonna do besides get ya feelings hurt? Don't matter how slick you think you are, you ain't pulling Beyonce, not when she got joe camel aka H.O.V. on lock.....sorry. Stick to watching the single ladies video. (end of rant)