Friday, February 27, 2009

Fellas, really?

Why do people lie about shit that don't need to be lied about? What's the point of creating an image that you really can't live up to? It's only a matter of time before you are exposed.

I got a friend that is always talking about a new chick he slept with, but it's never within reason. It's always "I met her at the mall and fucked her in the parking lot" or "I was supposed to go out with her and then she brought her two homegirls over and we had a foursome on the first date". These are real stories told to me by someone that can actually get girls, but not on this level. I mean really, if you gonna lie about it, at least lie reasonably. The previous examples are from my boy Marcus. He is a brother who has apparently never went on a date in his life that didn't end with sex. Maybe my mind ain't right but I don't think there's anything wrong with just saying "we went out, saw a movie, kissed, and that's it". The worst part of this is that I never ask him his business, he just tells it for no reason. He's a chronic liar that don't even know when not to lie. He and I used to live together right after highschool with another female friend. He actually had the audacity to lie and say they had sex.......................yes, he lied about someone he and I both lived with like I couldn't just plain ask her about it. I blame guys that actually get a lot of sex for this. They be making him think he gotta compete.

It's not just sex related tho, niggas lie about alot. My former friend David used to talk about how gangsta he was, who he sold/bought drugs from, and who he beat up. His stories consists of him getting stabbed and being to gangsta to go to the hospital, him hitting up certain drug dealers for their stash (ala Omar from the wire) and other various acts that are beyond his testicular fortitude. His greatest story is that of a 90 man fight, that involved shots being fired, bats, people getting stomped out, and yet nobody was hit by a bullet and not one news channel felt it was news worthy. Park Heights be having some fucked up shit happen but this would have drawn a little attention from somebody. In fact, the people that lived in the area in which it all occured all developed amnesia. I blame you gangsta lovin women for this one, got this nicca trying to be something he ain't.

Maybe I just need new friends :(

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ladies.......I'm calling you out on this

If a special day/event is coming up, why some of ya'll wait til the last minute to do your damn hair?

Ok so I'm trying to be special on valentines day and surprise my ex with tickets to tyler Perry's new play which is was showing at 3pm. I told her (we'll call her Shaniece) to be ready around 1:30 - 2:00 because I have a surprise for her and don't want to miss it. I hit her up at 2 to see where she at, and she talking about she not done with her hair. I'm thinking a couple more minutes won't be to bad, until she showing up at 3:30 and the show itself is 30 minutes away. What really got me is she asked to be surprised. How the hell you not gonna be ready when you want somebody to surprise you with something. Well the surprise was on me, I was shocked to find out I wasted money on a play that was non-refundable and couldn't be rescheduled for a later day. Them things ain't cheap

Then she asked the one thing that I hate for people to ask after they fuck up: "are you mad"? Seriously, why the hell wouldn't I be a little bothered by this? Like I felt like giving ticketmaster money as some sort of late christmas present to them? People, if you know you fucked up don't ask this question, it only makes things worse. Had it not been vday, I might have flipped, but there are certain days in the year that I don't get upset during as long as I can help it. The day wasn't overall bad outside of that.

So ladies, do you not like to get ya hair done a day ahead of time or is it just the ones I been messing with? I know some of ya'll be sleeping with ya head up so as not to mess up the new do right? fill me in on this because it's killed quite a few nights for me. It's bad enough I can't pull on it during certain activities when it's freshly done but it be messing up dates for me to dammit.