Sunday, April 5, 2009

is he wrong for this?

A friend of mine, we will call Chris, was telling me about an issue he had with a lady friend. Now initially I thought he was wrong in it all but then I thought about it again and I'm in the middle. So here's the scenario:

Chris has been in a relationship with "Stacy" for two year. Over the course of the last five months, Stacy has not wanted to have sex at all. She would tell him that she just wasn't feeling it and they had sex no more than once a month for the last five months. Now as a guy that is very sexual lol, I can see his problem here. I've spoken with her and her reason is that although she still loves him and wants to spend her life with him, there's something missing in the romantic spectrum of their relationship which is preventing her from wanting to have sex. Interesting thing about it all is that, she apparently gets aroused but doesn't want to sleep with him anyway. It's also came to light that she purchased a sex toy for personal use. Chris does believe that she would never actually cheat on him, but he can't fathom how the love of his life could possible be horny enough to buy a sex toy, but not want to have sex with him.

He came to a point where he was ready to end things with her because the sexual part of their relationship was frustrating and confusing him way more than it should. Like I said, I initially disagreed with him on this, thinking that he couldn't end their relationship just because of the lack of sex when almost everything else is going great. I've thought about it again though and I can see his point. Marriages and relationships have a low success rate when there is bad or no sex, it's what causes people to cheat. He's tried to talk to her about it but she doesn't seem to know what needs to be done to change her feelings. According to Chris, he's tried to do a few things differently to make her happy and has tried to be more romantic but it's all for naught. He's pretty much ready to end it.

So originally, I told him he shouldn't end it just due to lack of sex but I've since changed my mind. I think he has a good point. I don't think a relationship can survive with a bad or non-existant sex life. It's the basic fabric of a relationship, it's sexual attraction that initially brings most people together. Without sex, I don't believe a relationship can survive.........unless you're over 60.

Maybe it's just a guy thing though, so I'm wondering the women think on this?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

funny vids

ok, I been gone for a lil while but here are some videos that I found funny as hell. I'll be back soon enough