Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ladies.......I'm calling you out on this

If a special day/event is coming up, why some of ya'll wait til the last minute to do your damn hair?

Ok so I'm trying to be special on valentines day and surprise my ex with tickets to tyler Perry's new play which is was showing at 3pm. I told her (we'll call her Shaniece) to be ready around 1:30 - 2:00 because I have a surprise for her and don't want to miss it. I hit her up at 2 to see where she at, and she talking about she not done with her hair. I'm thinking a couple more minutes won't be to bad, until she showing up at 3:30 and the show itself is 30 minutes away. What really got me is she asked to be surprised. How the hell you not gonna be ready when you want somebody to surprise you with something. Well the surprise was on me, I was shocked to find out I wasted money on a play that was non-refundable and couldn't be rescheduled for a later day. Them things ain't cheap

Then she asked the one thing that I hate for people to ask after they fuck up: "are you mad"? Seriously, why the hell wouldn't I be a little bothered by this? Like I felt like giving ticketmaster money as some sort of late christmas present to them? People, if you know you fucked up don't ask this question, it only makes things worse. Had it not been vday, I might have flipped, but there are certain days in the year that I don't get upset during as long as I can help it. The day wasn't overall bad outside of that.

So ladies, do you not like to get ya hair done a day ahead of time or is it just the ones I been messing with? I know some of ya'll be sleeping with ya head up so as not to mess up the new do right? fill me in on this because it's killed quite a few nights for me. It's bad enough I can't pull on it during certain activities when it's freshly done but it be messing up dates for me to dammit.


thundacat said...

lolllllllll....i cant sympathize Cit-ayyy. *shaking str8nd white girl hair* it take me 20 mins top to do my hair, and u can pull on it and sweat it up much as u want to, it just get curly. awwwwww!! but thats fucked up. i dont think that had much to do with her hair. you said she was an EX,you should of left her as that!

Anonymous said...

lol@city being romantic...I don't have that problem cause with locs what you see is what you get..I mena I can do a lil style if I feel the need but I don't have those problems with the whole I need a perm but wasn't able to sit at the salon for nine hours so now my hair is in that middle stage where if you wash it it will draw up like a fist and then you're like wtf am I gonna do now...Hats are always an option or a really cute wig that no one can tell is a wig...I think you shoulda called the whole date off cause that shit was uncalled for...she is an ex for a reason!

Sadiqua P said...

hmph. i spent my Vday at home alone. i bet next year you call my azz!!!

yeah i have had events i had to get the wig smoked for. im the type that gets that done early, but changes ten times before i leave. it drives my ex crazy lol "just pick a damn pair of black heels and lets GO!" but i draw the line at being late to go somewhere...