Thursday, November 6, 2008

the effects of hip-hop on the community

Guess who's bizzack. So tell me what is so interesting about hip hop? Simple, its everywhere. It's in commercials, on the radio, even in food and drinks. Now it has an effect on everybody around it. Just think, a rapper starts a phrase and then everyone one the streets are now saying that phrase. An R&B singer makes a song about how bad you got it and now people say said phrase every time someone has deep feeling for someone else. How many times have you heard the following phrases; bling-bling, jump-off, you got it bad, back that ass up, pull over that ass to phat, bootylicious, and so on and so on. The hip hop trend has even spread to most aspects of dance. Bow wow does the harlem shake then little kids (and grown ass men) are now doing the harlem shake. Beyonce does the booty dance, now you cant go to a party without seeing a booty dance, even from 4 year olds. Hell, Fat Joe says that real niggas don't dance they just pull up their pants and do the rock away, now niggas that think they are real refuse to dance. What the fuck. Its has also moved on to clothing. Im sure everyone remembers that faggot ass white tee song, well now I can't ride through they city without seeing at least 20 white tees a day. Don't get me wrong, I own about three white tees and usually wear them under something else but I have seen a nigga go to a store and buy ten white tees and nothing else. Jay-z told niggas to get a fresh pair of jeans and a button-up and they did. Cameron wore pink. PINK. For about a year. Niggas now where pink. In the 90s, if a guy wore pink, people would assume he liked taking it in the ass. Now it's almost normal.

You noticed I haven't talked about the music yet. Well lets get to that. In the old days the music was about lyrical content or the story you had to tell. Not any more. Now its about catchy hooks, snapping your fingers, the same fucking leaning and rocking dance, and Lil' John screaming WHAT. Hey Lil' John, comb your beard, I dont want to hear that shit. Don't get me wrong, some off the songs are catchy and the beats are descent but I don't give a fuck about what they say in between the hook. Even the up north rappers that are trying not to lean and rock aren't saying shit. You got niggas like 50 cent (yes, I am targeting that bitch made nigga) that spend a whole album shooting someone or singing like the nigga he started off dissing. Bitch ass motherfucker. The real lyricist are all underground nowadays or backpackers. Niggas like Joe Budden, Shellz, Jae Millz, Posterboy, Murder Mook, Common, Mos Def, and Talib. These are people that can spit but only get love underground. There are some good commercial rappers like Papoose, Cassidy, Kiss, Styles P, Eminem, Jay-z, and a few others. It's to bad the way things turned out. We were robbed of good rappers a while ago once the last of them died. Do you know the quality of music we would have now if Pac, Biggie, Big Pun, and Big L were still alive. Then we wouldn't have dick sucking ass niggas like 50 cent (yes, I'm back to that bitch) running around starting unnecessary battles with people that are far above his lyrical prowess.

Since I'm on the topic lets talk about all these beefs. When they have a reason to battle its cool, but when it's just for promotion then what the fuck. Jay-z and Nas, Joe Budden and Game, Joe Budden and G-unit, Pac and Biggie, 50 and Ja, these were all legitimate beefs. Nas and Jay were real cool at one point then had a falling out. Joe Budden was coming through the ranks, got dissed by 50 cause 50 thought Joe might be more popular than him coming through the underground. Joe then dissed 50, Game took offense and thus their beef started. Pac went to visit Big when they were friends, got shot in the lobby of the studio Big was recording in and felt like Big could have done something to help. 50 and Ja well I'm not sure. Either 50s boy robbed Ja and Ja got mad or Ja dissed 50 at a video shoot and 50 got mad he couldnt be in the video. (I believe the second one and the order of protection was true) These were because of actual dislike or something of importance. 50 cent and anybody else who isn't Ja Rule are all pointless and stupid beefs. Yes I mentioned 50 and Budden above but 50 only said one thing to start it off. After Budden attacked 50 was smart enough not to try and battle him. He sent Game who, in my opinion, got smashed and I got the songs to prove it. Almost all 50 cent beefs start because the dick-riding ass nigga is about to drop an album and knows that a new beef is the only way to distract people from his overall lack of talent. Fuck, just realized that I got off topic. Doesn't matter cause I'm hungry and tired of typing so peace out people.

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auntb said...

lol. Its amazing how much of an impact rap has on society. ALL of society- blacks, whites, asians, latinos. I have a white girlfriend who was always throwing up the "roc".lol. At first I was like wow, this bitch is retarded but after awhile it got annoying and I asked her why she kept doing it and she said she did it because she seen Beyonce do it at a concert and she thought it looked cute....ummmm, ok. Then she asked me what it meant. And Im like, "how the hell you doing something you dont even know the meaning of?"lol. Thats white people for you.

AND, one day, I caught my nephew sticking a water gun in his pants while saying he was 50 cent,lol. Its crazy man. Sometimes the influences rap and the artists themselves have can be more negative than positive. Especially with the use of the N word. I guarantee you that if rappers boycotted the N word, people would then follow. In my opinion, that word is wack and its degreading. And I hate when black people use it in front of whites. Just imagine walking down the street and hearing a white person call a fellow white person a cracker or honkey. You'd probably be like "wtf?"lol.

I love Common, Talib Kweli, 9th Wonder, Murs, Saigon, and all the other underground, positive "real" rappers. The commercial ones are mad wack nowadays, with the exception of the ppl you mentioned. I like Gillie the Kid too. Ive heard a couple of his tracks and even though they're kind gritty he still goes hard and talks about real issues.

As for the beefs. Beefs are wack. And Ive often wondered why there were only beefs in Rap music. You never hear pop, rock, or country artists talking about shootin' somebody, or killing their mommas! The shit is ridiculous!The Rapper Mims who was running around slapping people, WOW and why? His music is wack, at leat "hi hater" was. I havent heard nothing from him since. And as for 50, I lost respect for him after maturing, seeing my nephew put a gun in his pants and mentioning his name, and witnessing him putting that so called rapper (who btw said the murder rate or some shit like that was going to go up after his album was released) Tony Yayo on the map. Wow. The worst decision ever. The whole G-Unit click is officially WACK now. Even Banks because he's sticking around with those clowns.