Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is the first verse of a song that really applied to my life for a few months in 03. I always look back and remember where I was back then. credit goes to Joe Budden, enjoy:

niggas said the only cat I care about is myself,

when shit thick don’t know nobody whereabouts but myself,

when you faced wit it all and ya backs against the wall, you be listening but all you hear about is ya self,

tell me what you supposed to do when ya self ain’t reliable,

you looking in the mirror but ya self ain’t desirable,

need another person besides ya self on the side of you,

can’t listen to ya self (naw) all he do is lie to you,

now tell me whose supposed to have your best interest,

when shit ain’t looking up you start having less interest,

tryna leave the hood but the slugs keep coming,

keep chasing a buck but a buck keeps running,

I don’t trust nobody,

I don’t love nobody,

I don’t fuck wit nobody but me (I can’t lose),

no moves will be funny,

and I never let myself down,

how so? I don’t expect to much from me


auntb said...

Wow, this actually applies to my life now. Imma put this somewhere on my myspace when I finally decide to make one,lol. Thanks for sharing. That was real.

auntb said...

Aww damn, I just realized you havent updated your blog since this post. That sucks, I was really starting to get into your blog. UPDATE it and imma tell my friends about this so they can come visit and whatnot because we kinda think alike,lol.

city said...

thanks auntb. I really haven't been updating this until today. Unfortunately the bloggs I just added are more personal then fun.