Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New year

So with 2010 two days away, people are going into resolution mode. Thinking up what they are gonna do and telling other people about it ahead of time. Changing their attitudes, appearances, men/women in their lives, jobs, clothing style etc. Then they look to me and ask me what will I do. Simple answer is the same as last year, I don't do resolutions. Any changes that I need to make I won't wait until the first of the year to make.

I am however looking forward to 2010. Like I said in another post, 09 wasn't really that great of a year for me. In addition, I've recently been kicking people out of my circle for various reasons so I'm looking forward to the new people I meet in the new year. Of course as up and down as 09 was, I wouldn't change the majority of it. I like for life to be interesting and full of surprises as opposed to redundant. My plan has been to visit somewhere new every year so I gotta find a few places to go next year. 08 was Vegas and Orlands, 09 was Miami, so I need something different for 2010 (of course this doesn't include trips to places I've been before). So far I'm thinking about the Poconos and Manhatten (yes I've never been to times square, sue me) or maybe that trip to Beverly Hills to hob nob with the snobs lol. So I can add those to my trip every 4 years to Dallas.

Either way, hopefully this year is interesting and memorable just as the last few have been.


Anonymous said...

Dallas? What about Houston?! It ain't really shit going on here, but still LOL it'd be cool if you stopped by for a second!

Yeah 2009 wasn't too bad for me BUT it was messed up for alot of other people. I've been making my resolutions all this year so I really don't have any resolutions (except the reoccuring 'stop smoking' one but you knoooooow.... lol)



city said...

You know, when I typed that, I actually thought to myself, "I wonder how far is Houston from Dallas".

Anonymous said...

Its 3 1/2 - 4 hours straight 45N :D


Anonymous said...