Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Society is destructive

This blog is in reference to two different conversations I've had that made me sit and think for a moment (shout out to Thunda, Jsad, Jolie and Just). This might be a long read, just so you know.

A lot of what's wrong with people in the world is a direct result of societies influence on them as a child. A lot of children have to succumb to societies representation of what they are supposed to be when they get older. For the females, it is usually instilled in them that have to be a size 4, blue eyed blond with long hair, all the newest and most fashionable clothing, and be wanted by every male possible. The problem is all women weren't meant to be a size, blue eyed 4 blond with long hair and all the newest and most fashionable clothing. This is why you see black women dying their hair blond and wearing contacts. Society is slowly stripping away people's self worth. Women of all races (for the most part) aspire to be a body size they weren't meant to be and this has led to a lot of bulimic and anorexic little girls that don't realize they are beautiful they way they are. It also has led to a lot of low self esteem.

For the males, they have a few things instilled in them early on also but on another level. As much as I like hip-hop and R&B, it's teaching boys that they must have that fancy car and pointless jewelry in order to show that they are important. The music is also teaching little boys that they have to be "gangsta" or else they are punks. It's not teaching young men to go to college and work hard to get what they want, it's teaching them to be "hustlers", slanging on the corners, and robbing. Get rich or die trying? A CD title is now becoming the way of life. I remember growing up before gangsta rap really took off, back when MC Hammer was the shit. Kids back then became friends just because they lived in the same neighborhood, on the same block. Since then, little boys have to instantly prove to other little boys that they are gangsta. When was the last time anybody has seen or been to a block party??? It doesn't happen anymore because males are too quick to prove how much of a "G" they are when the smallest thing happens.

Kids of both genders are now also pre-programmed to look for specific things in the opposite sex. People don't know themselves well enough to know what they want but they know that they want what society has taught them to want. Most women want a guy that has deep pockets so that he can take care of them. They aren't being taught that they can aspire to take care of themselves, some are but most are not. Most men want the baddest chick they can find just so they can say "I got her". Problem is they will bypass personality completely for the looks because society never told them what personality to look for. This is on top of the problems they each already have. So now you have a guy with money because he hustles in a relationship with a very attractive women with the worst possible attitude. Relationships like this are destined to fail. You then have a bitter woman saying "men ain't shit" and a bitter man saying "women ain't shit". Problem is, they both go back into the market looking for the same exact thing they just had that didn't work for them anyway. People need to learn to think for themselves and decide on what they need for themselves and ignore what society (other people, media, parents, etc) tell they need to be or want. It would make things a lot easier on everyone.

Disclaimer: I had to stop writing this and actually do work for this damn audit, then come back to it. Sorry if it doesn't flow, kinda lost my initial thought on it all :)


thundacat said...

lol@ u losing yo thoughts cuz u had to work...booooo. i agree tho...and thats why the world aint like it used to be..thats why we have evolved to this point we are at as a society..where tv, videos, movies, mags, and games raise ur kids more than any parent does...or when the "parents" aint even raised they damn selves and have kids they dont know what to do with! so they put 'em in front of the Tv and next thing u know Ray-Ray thinks he's Fitty Cent, and his lil sis wanna be Trina...the hell??...i tell my daughter to love her self first..ALWAYS...just the way she is...and if a man dont have respect for her than she doesnt need to give him her time...and i tell my son, be you..dont follow the crowd and dont let anyone stop you from doing what makes you childhood was fucked up..and i do my best, given my situations and what teach my kids WAYY better than i was taught!

Anonymous said...

I loved this one City!!! :D It flowed smoothly in my opinion lol