Monday, May 11, 2009

withholding sex

To the ladies that do this......STOP IT. That shit ain't cute. In a relationship, men tend to be more physical than women. Women tend to be more emotional then men. So while you want the cuddling, cute convos, and general closeness in proximity, most men enjoy the hands on aspect of the closeness. I'm not saying we don't like the cuddling and all but lets be real here. If you're gonna withhold the sex then you are basically taking away something major from the guy and you know it.

I'm not saying you can't withhold while you're upset. That's completely normal and to be expected. Even in the time frame when your still getting over it is still an acceptable time to not get in the sheets. The thing is, once you've forgiven and moved one, there's no reason to withhold sex. It's just being petty and spiteful at that time. There's no such thing as "teaching him a lesson". All it will do is cause more tension or force some guys to start noticing other women.

Lets be serious here though, how would you like it if a guy did the same thing to you? I'm not talking sex because I know some women, some, can go without it for awhile just fine. What if after you apologized for whatever you did wrong he decided to withhold cuddling, spending time together, cute talk etc, basically the things you love in the relationship? Would it be ok for a guy to completely pull back on the emotional side of the relationship for 2 weeks or so as a way to "teach you a lesson"? From where I stand that would cause more problems than it would solve, just like you holding back on the physical to teach a guy a lesson. Seriously think about how you would feel if a guy showed you no emotion for a week or two after an issue just because he wanted to because of the argument. Now tell me you would honestly be ok with him doing that...........don't worry.........I'll wait. You can't can you? Because that's an importan part of the relationship as far as you're concerned. Then don't do the same to guys. Again, I can understand when you're upset, and when you're still getting over whatever isksue too place, but when it's done after the issue is resolved as some sort of "I'm gonna make him learn" is when it's fucked up to do.

end rant


Anonymous said...

I don't play the middle school games "holding out" on sex thing. I mean ESPECIALLY if you done already "hit" already then WTF?! I think like a dude so meh....I just move my ass around because I don't have low self esteem to even get caught in that web. Well, you read my situation and if its gonna be THAT much aggravation...I would walk away. I don't need all of that and I can entertain myself. FUCK HIM if he does that....he obviously not meant for you [the chick perspective]

I duno this is why I stay give people a chance and they just fuck it up. I'm not all thirsty to be in a relationship but if the right one comes than that will be all good :D but its not looking too promising at this point lol

JSADTheKing said...

I feel you on this City and I erased what I orignally wrote about this because it got kind of deep lol, but basically like you said this is kid stuff, and the end only leads to bigger problems when the man who is a physical creature starts noticing the attention from other women he normally ignores when he is happy at home.

Treasure said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah...I know it isn't right...but the power of bein able to do that to a guy is such a rush!!! lol...(insert evil villian laugh here)

I'm sooo glad men don't have the pussy power... :)